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The Healthy Benefits of Water There are many components that make up our body, and a large part of it is water. Staying hydrated must be a part of our daily routine as it must be emphasized that our body is 60% water and 40% solid components. It may be unreported but there are so many people from around the globe that do not drink enough water. The problem with water access is that a large portion of the population do not have water to drink and it has caused diseases, malnutrition and death. The problem on staying hydrated is that drinking water is available but people do not drink them, instead they choose energy drinks, soft drinks and other liquid alternatives. Ordinary water gives more health benefits that power drinks like those sold in the market. It is however true that sports drink have electrolytes and nutrients that enhance body performance. Commercial power drinks are for people who engage in sports, strenuous physical activities and suffering an illness, other than those mentioned, an average person does not need to drink them because they contain preservatives. Drink water from natural sources because they offer the same if not better benefits than power drinks. Therefore naturally sourced water have no negative effects. Here are a list of the many benefits of water. Drinking more water maybe realized by people after reading this article.
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Body fluid balance can only be maintained when a total of 6-19 glasses of water is consumed per day. Drinking enough water allow for nutrients to be transported better throughout the body and make us feel better.
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The feeling of being full after taking 1 glass of water before each meal helps keep your calories in check. The consumption of less calories will be an effect of this method. Less and less water is stored in the muscles because they are used up when we move. Muscle fatigue is limited and cramping is prevented after drinking enough water during physical activities. About 200 quarts of blood is being processed by our kidneys daily. The kidneys function to filter the amount of toxins we take in. The bladder is the organ that helps excrete the toxins from our body but water is needed to transport them from the kidneys. Caffeine in your coffee tricks you to be more awake and energetic. The effect of drinking enough water daily gives you the feeling of being alert and full of energy. Cells in our body are also composed of water and that is why we need to be hydrated in order to combat illnesses. It is crucial to the maintenance of our health to drink enough water. These list of benefits will hopefully make us consider drinking enough water each day.

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