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The Function Of Sewage Treatment Plants

In today’s society, sewage treatment plants have a very large role. Although, a lot of people do not have this mindset for they believe it is just one of the amenities the business industry created to earn money. The fact is that sewage treatment plants have a lot of responsibilities and roles. There are also some people who prefer to call sewage treatment plants as household waste water treatment facilities. Sewage treatment plants basically collect waste and water from all sewage lines then treat these in order to produce clean usable water. Sewage wastes always have the risk of pollution and germs carrying diseases thus sewage treatment plants take this process seriously. However, the waste gathered by sewage treatment plants does not include chemical waste products and other rich pollutant wastes. There are private sewage treatment facilities owned by commercial factories and industrial plants to treat waste products.

Sewage treatment plants would basically use 3 stages to treat waste products. The first stage will remove those particles and substances which can be separated from the waste water easily. This includes fats, oils as well as those solid particles which float above the surface of the waste water. Treatment facilities can easily get damaged by large rocks and other objects so they must be removed.

Next stage is the removal of any living contaminants like bacteria or germs as well as large living organisms in the waste water. Compared to the other stages, the second stage is the biggest treatment process in waste water. It can be said that this stage is using numerous technical processes for treating waste. Among these techniques is the introduction of microorganisms to the waste water.

For the third stage, this is the final treatment process which cleans the water so it can be released to the environment. Filtration systems are used to produce clean water. The treatment will also eliminate nitrogen and phosphorous from the water. And finally the water is treated with chlorine or UV treatment to disinfect the water.

As for the remaining solid wastes, they are treated accordingly. Just like waste water, solid waste is also treated by the sewage treatment plant. Bacteria is often used to treat solid waste either through aerobic or anaerobic treatment. There is also the option to apply composting when treating living organisms from the waste products.

With so many treatment processes, the water has become clean and free from harmful bacteria and other particles which the environmental laws allow the water to be return to the natural bodies of water. The water is also usable for farms and other purposes aside from drinking. Even though the environment has its own natural water treatment process, the sewage treatment plants still play a significant role in water treatment. The role of sewage treatment plant has never been as important as today.

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